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Guru Enterprise offers everything you need to work efficiently and affordably online with Freelancers.

We Offer a Solution for Your Every Business Need

Our fee structure is the lowest in the industry, and each Guru Enterprise Solution is custom-built according to your business needs. Benefit from the highest level of cost-efficiency, productivity and scalability while working with Freelancers online.

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Why Choose Guru Enterprise?

Save Money

  • Quick Set Up

    Swift implementation helps you streamline hiring, management and payment of Freelancers.

  • No Enterprise Fee

    We'll set up your custom solution at no extra cost.

  • Unmatched Value for Your Spend

    We charge the lowest fees in the industry and provide a tailor-made fee structure to fit your business needs.

  • Reduced Operating Costs

    Customized workflow management system helps optimize how you manage Freelancers and eliminate overheads.

Simplify The Process

  • Risk-Free

    Receive work and determine how much you pay for each job completed.

  • Automated Payments

    Create invoices and have them paid automatically by uploading an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Future-Proof

    Work on a platform that is highly scalable and built to grow with your business.

  • Prioritized Support

    Get 24/7 professional support from our Customer Experience Specialists.

Who Should Use Guru Enterprise?

Employers looking for a simple and cost-effective solution to make freelancing work better for their business.

  • Annual Spend $100,000

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    See how we can help you scale your business.

  • Annual Spend $250,000

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    Optimize your freelancing spend and save on fees.

  • Annual Spend $500,000

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    You'll be surprised by how much you could be saving!

Popular Guru Enterprise Solutions

Our Product Specialists work with Employers to understand their business needs and create custom solutions that optimize their freelancing spend.

Managing Tasks & Payments on Guru

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Managing Tasks outside Guru & Payments on Guru

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From the CEO

We gain a deep understanding of your workflow and needs, and then create a custom experience that integrates smoothly with your operations. Our Enterprise Solution assures you of reduced operating costs and savings in what you pay to get work done online.

Inder Guglani

Inderpal Guglani

Founder & CEO, Guru.com

Some of the Features Offered by Our Custom Solutions

  1. Work with as many Freelancers as you want

  2. Create an unlimited number of tasks

  3. Control costs for each task

  4. Create invoice for each task

  5. Pay invoices with ease

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