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A mechanical designer is competent in designing, developing, manufacturing and installing new mechanical components or systems. Using the core concepts of mechanics, principles, computer-aided tools and project management expertise, mechanical designers research and work throughout the product lifecycle, including design, installation, prototype testing, implementation and maintenance.

Why your Project Needs a Freelance Mechanical Design Engineer

The duties and responsibilities of freelance mechanical design engineers can vary significantly, depending on what projects they would be working on. Also, roles vary greatly according to the size of the project. 

When you need to hire a Mechanical Engineer for your project, choose the one with the right set of skills, expertise and thorough knowledge of tools and equipment relevant to your niche.

Services Offered by a Freelance Mechanical Design Engineer

Experienced mechanical engineers for hire on Guru. Explore the profiles of Freelance Mechanical Engineers on Guru and hire the right professional to cater to your project needs and requirements.

When hiring mechanical engineers, make sure they are skilled at:

  • Designing and implementing frugal solutions to emerging and complex problems
  • Measuring and optimizing the performance of mechanical components, devices and systems
  • Testing and evaluating prototype designs, and making sure that the designs will perform consistently in specified operating conditions
  • Using computer-aided designs/modelling software to create effective and reliable product designs
  • Evaluating the final product’s performance, effectiveness, applicability and safety
  • Preparing product design reports by gathering, analyzing, assimilating and summarizing data and trends
  • Delivering projects or products within the stipulated budget and timeline
  • Ensuring the equipment are operational and monitoring maintenance and repair work if needed
  • Investigating equipment failures and recommending modifications or solutions
  • Altering designs to meet the project’s requirements and eliminating malfunctions 
  • Collaborating with project managers involved in the process and streamlining workflow

Finding the Right Mechanical Design Engineer for your Project

Apart from professional skills, you should seek the following qualities when looking for the mechanical engineer for hire:

  • Proven working experience in mechanical engineering
  • Hands-on experience with computer-aided engineering (CAE) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) tools and procedures
  • Design, conceptual, technical, analytical, consulting and production planning skills
  • Project-management and decision making skills
  • Familiarity with 2D or 3D design and manufacturing tools
  • Strong and thorough knowledge of computing and analysis tools

Guru Tip: Browse profiles and ask potential freelance mechanical engineers to share some of their best work samples relevant to your project. Once you’re convinced, check their ratings and reviews before hiring them.

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