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Guru. Lead Generation Guru. Or that’s what I’d like to think in my self-absorbed, egotistical moments of introspection…
(but can one really be a "guru" in the warp speed world of digital marketing??)

Some would also deem me a chat bot and marketing automation expert. This can help with leads…a lot. High ticket sales closing, that’s also “one of my things”. You know, the whole selling ice to Eskimos scenario. I have also written professional ad copy for the last 20+ years...websites, emails, direct response, newsletters, get the idea.

The TEAM. I almost forgot to mention my team. The great thing about "experience" is that 20+ years has allowed me to build a phenomenal group of hyper-talented associates around myself. This allows me to also undertake projects (selectively) and deliver world-class results in the following areas:

- wickedly delicious web and mobile app development
- eye-popping graphic and creative design
- sensational social media creation and management
- perfectly precise project management

Back to me...
Backpacker And Traveled to 100+ Countries. 5 Continents. 20+ Years Digital Nomad (some might say the "original" nomad)…

Adventurer. Lived as a Buddhist monk. Worked undercover in SE Asia. Slurped conch genitals in the Caribbean…
(some call me weird, my best friend’s call me “unique” to my face. That’s a good thing, right?)

I have plied my expertise as a digital marketing jack-of-all-trades since 1998. Yes, I have seen everything there is to see in the digital marketing world…every single marketing trend and iteration. Since 2016 I have concentrated my efforts to help my clients all over the world to capture and nurture more qualified leads so that they can achieve their growth goals!

I achieve these results primarily through a combination of cold email campaigns and LinkedIn to generate targeted leads to ensure we can obtain the best returns possible for you. I make sure email deliverability, copy, targeting, and LinkedIn approaches are spot on and we adjust as we learn which is all critical to the success of generating leads.

I manually build and split test personalized email campaigns. My expert copy writing will also ensure that you get maximum delivery rates! I have built a tried and tested system for following up with leads via LinkedIn and essentially building up your network.

Oh, I almost forgot...

I am an extremely quick learner (some would say wickedly quick) and approach every new project with the same enthusiasm and voracious hunger for knowledge. In short, I will get to know the minds of your potential clients in the shortest time period possible.

I believe it is of critical importance to have a strong rapport with my clients and that begins with a personal discussion about your specific needs and expectations.

Tap into my energy and knowledge bank and let’s take some serious action together today...what do you say?

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